The 2017 IBSA Goalball A Division European Championships will be played in the Pajulahti Sports Institute located in Lahti, less than one and a half hour driving distance from the Helsinki Airport. Pajulahti is an official Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Finland.

The matches will be played in two courts: women's matches will be played in the ball game hall of the Pajulahti main building and men's matches in the Pajulahti sports hall across the track & field court. The accommodation for the teams is right next to the playing arenas.

Pajulahti have hosted the annual international Pajulahti Games goalball tournament for seven years in a row and most of the European top national teams have visited Pajulahti before.

Pajulahti have also hosted several other major international disability sport events in recent years, such as the Electric Wheelchair Hockey European Championships in 2012, the Wheelchair Rugby European Championships in 2015 and the Boccia Nordic Championships in 2016.

Virtual presentation of the Pajulahti Sports Hall

Virtual presentation of the Ball Game Hall in the Main building