Time to put an end to the goalball Euros in the last "Road to Pajulahti" video

Erkki Miinala, Jarno Mattila & Petri Posio

The 2017 IBSA Goalball European Championships was played in the Pajulahti Paralympic Training Center, Finland on 18–22 of September. Organizing body of the event, the Finnish Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities published a six-part “Road to Pajulahti” video series to present goalball as a sport and to follow the home team’s journey towards the Euros.

In the sixth and last part of the video series Erkki Miinala of the Finnish men’s team, Iida Kauppila of the Finnish women’s team and men’s head coach Jarkko Pokkinen puts the tournament together from the home team’s perspective. Unfortunately Miinala injured his throwing arm just before the Euros and couldn’t play in Pajulahti. That had an impact on Finnish team’s performances as they narrowly escaped relegation to the Division B. Finnish women’s team was relegated, though, after finishing eight in the tournament.

Video has English subtitles. 


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