Pajulahti 2017 blog: Former Finnish coach Eeva Sorkkila reminisces the "class of 1991"

All the Finnish team members of the 1991 Euros. Eeva Sorkkila fourth from the right in upper row.

Former Finnish women’s national team coach Eeva Sorkkila is the twentyfirst writer in the Pajulahti 2017 blog.

Sorkkila had a long and successful spell as a Finnish head coach in the 1980s and 90s. Her time as a head coach was crowned in the 1992 Barcelona Paralympics where Finland won their first ever Paralympic gold medal in goalball. In her blog text, though, Sorkkila goes back to the 1991 European Championships which were played in Lahti, Finland. Sorkkila’s blog text can be read from HERE.

There will be total of 22 blog texts from 22 different writers in the Pajulahti 2017 blog. A new text will be published every Wednesday and the last text will be out a week after the European Championships. Each text will be published both in English and in Finnish.

The 2017 IBSA Goalball European Championships are held in the Pajulahti Sports Institute, Finland on 18–22 of September.

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