Goalball European Championships as part of the Programme on Finland 100 years

Finland 100 years

The 2017 IBSA Goalball European Championships have been chosen as part of the Programme on the centenary of Finland’s independence.

The organisers of the European Championships want to highlight the work of the persons with visual impairment in Finland and it will be shown in various parts of the event. For example there will be a band playing in the opening ceremony consisting of visually impaired Finnish musicians. Also young visually impaired persons are organizing a Pimé Café concept – a café in the dark – during the games in Pajulahti.

The way persons with disabilities are integrated in the Finnish society and the work that the Finnish disability organizations have done during the past decades to improve the rights of disabled persons are something that all Finns can be proud of.

Goalball is originally created for the rehabilitation of blinded war veterans. It is one of the most traditional and most successful disability sports in Finland.

Further information about Finland 100 years: http://suomifinland100.fi/?lang=en